Finding freedom in Leeds canals

Alex Delinsky has lived in South Leeds for his entire life and says it is “a city that wins all the time.”


One of Leeds’ own outside the Corn Exchange

Sometimes the city can be quite overcrowded and boring but I’ve found ways to keep active. I became a kayaking instructor with the Cadets which is where my favourite memories of Leeds stem from. The canals in Leeds are amazing and it is so freeing being able to kayak up and down them and even better I can do it legally as an instructor. The nightlife is also great in Leeds but it helps to keep busy in between the nights out and I’m thankful I could pursue kayaking as a hobby and help others enjoy Leeds canal at the same time.

I’m planning on moving to Coventry for university not because it is a better, Leeds wins all the time as a city, but because Leeds doesn’t offer the course I want to do. Despite Leeds being so busy all the time I will miss the people most because everyone is so friendly here and the best thing is I can actually understand their accents unlike people in the South.

By Holly Beattie

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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