Leeds: “It hasn’t changed for the better”

Sylvia Ward, a shopkeeper from Kirkgate market, Leeds, believes as the rapid expansion of the city has boomed, the market has been left behind. 

An elderly female shopkeeper from Leeds. Behind her is canned drinks. On the bench infront of her is covered in magazines and newspapers. She is pictured from the waist up and smiling at the camera.

Sylvia Ward, a 74 year old shop-keeper has seen Leeds City Centre transition.

This isn’t my shop but I’ve worked here for over 20 years. I enjoy working here because of the company from the customers because you get regulars. I know you wouldn’t believe it in a market but you do – and you know, you get to know them and you have conversations.

Leeds has expanded and it’s a great shopping city. I can’t say the market is marvelous, it hasn’t changed for the better by any means. It used to be a fabulous market but it’s not the same now. I’ve seen it get worse over the years [the market], you used to be able to get anything, you don’t get any of that now. So many businesses have shut down. You could buy anything you wanted at one time but that’s all changed now.

I don’t think the expansion of Leeds has destroyed the market, if anything I thought it would have improved the market. The council has spoiled the market… That might not go down well but it is what it is.

Written by: Rebecca Stein

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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