Mr. Bling the ice cream van man

I had no clue about what I would be doing when I did-I just moved for my missus because she lived in Leeds- and you have to take risks when you find love.

I was born and raised in South London and I  never imagined myself to ever move up north and even less to own an ice-cream truck. It happened I guess by complete chance I would say- my mate had a truck he would never use and I was in a situation where anything would fit. I would make lemonade from the lemons life gave me.

When I bought the truck off my mate I thought about either getting into  food or dessert- after all I am a people person, I feel like I could speak for all of England. A truck would give me a chance to chat people up and make money out of it. Ice-cream gets people going and it sure made the revamp of this truck a lot more exciting-and lets not forget colourful.


Do I like my job? Well I’ve never complained a day doing it- I do something not many people will ever do in their life  and I hear alot of stories, alot of gossip too but most importantly I get to meet great people every day- what else could you ask for?

Leeds has taught me so much about life, myself and it taught me most importantly how to love.  If it wasn’t for the wonderful people who have helped me out here  I wouldn’t have left all the commotion in London.

Oh and remember, Call me Mr. Bling.

About the Author

This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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