Beer, buns and boosting morale

The North Brewing Company opened its doors this week offering beer, food and community cohesion.

By Jay Partington

The outside of a bar with black banners and sign posting and white writing with The North Brewing Co on.

The bar opened this week in Sovereign Square and is serving 7 days a week.

The tap room will be offering a wide range of craft beers as well as providing wine, cocktails and even Chinese street food through their in-house restaurant Little Bao Boy. The quirky, new bar has opened in a revamped and lively area of Leeds that has been misrepresented in the past.

Nadine, who is a bar tender at the boozer, told Leeds Hacks the North Brewing Company wanted ‘to give a more upmarket feel and a proper bar vibe’. She then said how the bar provides a chance to ‘make a name’ for the company and the community.

The south part of Leeds city centre is usually misrepresented in the news as being crime-ridden and troublesome, however Nadine believes this new social hub will ‘create employment opportunities’ as well as keeping ‘business and money local to Leeds’.

With news stories about prostitution and criminal activity being rife, the south of Leeds struggles to instate business deals and bring money into the impoverished areas. A vast amount of south Leeds has been named as being in the most deprived 10% in England covering Holbeck and Hunslet.

Nadine has urged the ‘vast amount of businesses and people close to the bar’ to come and visit, the vast array of craft beers and unique production is a pulling factor. To better a distorted section of a thriving city and help to boost the idea of local produce the North Brewing Company are asking people to come for a drink, as they’ve ‘got something for everybody’.

If you’d like to visit the Leeds tap room click here for the website and pay them a visit.

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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