Leeds protest march calls for urgent end to homeless deaths

Protesters marched the streets of Leeds to stop the homeless dying on the streets.

By Katie Lyons and Zoe Merry

Human Rights protesters organised the march to “give a voice to the voiceless” and raise awareness for the dangers of not having adequate emergency accommodation for the homeless community in Leeds.

The march took place a week after the death of a homeless man from Leeds who passed away following a night of temperatures below freezing.

According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism there were over 449 deaths on UK streets in the winter months last year.

Gaz and Jessica from Community Kitchen

Gaz and Jessica from Community Kitchen

As winter temperatures hit many more rough sleepers are struggling to get through the cold winter nights and are desperate for more support.

‘Why is it getting worse?’

‘Community Kitchen’ is a Charity run by organiser Jessica Cusworth which aims to help people who are sleeping rough get back on their feet.

Miss Cusworth organised the demonstration to show support for those who are struggling.

She said; “At the minute there is only one place people can go and 99% of people don’t want to be there…it might be that there are too many drugs around or women don’t feel safe there…we want to see more shelters”

Co-organiser Gaz Mack said “Why shouldn’t everybody have the absolute human right to a safe place to lay their head at night.

“We are one of the richest countries in the world why is there so much poverty?

“Why is it getting worse?”

They hope the march will raise support for the charity so it can receive more funding to provide extra help to an increasing amount of people.

Jessica said: “By next year we need a lot more hostels, including women only accommodation so people who have suffered trauma can feel safer.”

The march also coincides with National Human Rights Day which takes place on 10 December annually.



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