New timetables are a ‘shambles’ says Leeds train guard

Rail workers and commuters losing patience – networks hope new timetables will get things back on track.

By Lucy Hopwood and Molly Clayton

New railway timetables have been introduced in Leeds and across the UK.

A train guard, working for Northern Rail who wishes not to be identified, said: “Last time this happened it was a shambles.”

But rail companies say it should help ease congestion and prevent further disruption.

The train guard, who Leeds Hacks spoke to said: “It was a nightmare, I hope it’s not as bad this time.

“We weren’t prepared for the changes and this also affected customers’  journeys.”

With commuters finding problems with delays, short change over times and congestion – the wider rail industry has worked together to try to provide a more dependable service for customers.

‘I can’t afford to be late’

Steve Hopkinson, Regional Director at Northern Rail said: “These alterations will bring further stability and reliability for our customers.

“We have taken the opportunity to make small improvements in order to address some of the problems that arose in May.”

‘I’ve had to start driving’

Commuter Fay Daniel, 29, who travels from Leeds to London daily, said: “I experience issues with my journey nearly every day.

“This morning I had to buy another ticket due to my train being delayed again, I’ll be late for work.”

Peter Kelly, 43, who travels to Wakefield decided to no longer rely trains.

“I’ve had to start driving to some of my meetings as the delays were ridiculous.

“Driving there costs me more, however I can’t afford to be late.”

TransPennine Express also hope the changes will see an improvement to the running of their services.

Old train timetables were creating issues including delays and congestion

Previous train timetables were creating issues including delays and congestion

Leo Goodwin, TransPennine Express Managing Director said: “Our timetable change will largely be a rollover of our existing timetable as our priority is running a train service our customers can rely on.

“Lots of work has already gone into further improving the performance of services along this route.”

Some networks also plan to modernise, with Northern Rail introducing brand new trains in 2019.

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