Wetherby Whaler hits the Top 10

Restaurant chain Wetherby Whaler has made the Top 10 Fish & Chips Restaurants in the UK

sign of the Wetherby Whaler outside the restaurant in Guiseley

Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley has been named as one of the top 10 fish and chip restaurants in the UK

Fry Magazine has named the Wetherby Whaler restaurant in Guisley as one of the top 10 fish and chip restaurants in the UK.

By Liam Pattison

This is the second consecutive year that the restaurant has made the top 10.

Family business

Starting out as a family business 50 years ago, as a small takeaway in Tadcaster,  the Whaler  has since grown into a successful six-restaurant chain with branches all over Yorkshire.

Historically fish & chips has been a British favourite, known as one of the country’s national dishes and it’s held its  popularity since the Second World War. With Good Friday fast approaching we looked at what makes a Top 10 fish & chips restaurant .

Senior manager at the Whaler, Mark Savage, who has worked for the company for 35 years, has ensured that the restaurant has the recipe for making the perfect fish and chips.

“Team and ethic”

“It all comes down to the team and the ethic. As a business we have dozens of people sourcing our potatoes, we have three or four of us who source the finest quality fish. We search far and wide for quality.”

The Wetherby Whaler is also part of the MSC, meaning they can trace their fish from sea to plate. They know where it comes from, how it’s been caught and even who it’s been caught by.

Mark added: “Our aim is to serve the finest Yorkshire traditional fish & chips In a great environment by a dedicated team and of course that gives you the Wetherby Whaler experience.

“Fish & chips will go on forever. It’s great value, nutritional wise it’s fantastic and the fat content is a lot lower than people think with the average portion being 834 calories.”


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