The poorest people in Leeds could be hit the hardest by a no deal brexit

By Ellie Bagshaw and India Rose

The Chair of Leeds’ governance and audit committee has warned there is a significant amount of worry for the poorest people in the city if there was a no deal brexit.

Councillor Kevin Ritchie of Bramley said “a no deal could lead to job cuts”.

The clothes industry and Plant-Machinery Industries are feared to suffer the most.

“I think the crux of this is who suffers? It’s not Jacobs and its not going to be Richard Branson or Dyson, it’s going to be the people who work potentially in manufacturing” said Cllr Ritchie.

Many workers within the clothes and plat-machinery industries are victims of low pay.

The low pay is then spent on essentials such as rent and supplies leaving little to saving.

Leeds has the third highest inequality levels in the UK.

Deprived areas such as Holbeck, Bramley and Armley are most likely to be affected by a no deal.

Brexit was first set to go ahead three years ago today. However due to uncertainty it has been delayed.

No deal Brexit will mean an increase in food price and a reduced availability and choice of food supplies.

Employment is a worry for many as job cuts are feared.

Small business’s will also be forced to pay VAT upfront on all goods imported from the EU after brexit.

Sabir Mhagda an owner of a small store in Bramley called Essential planet has expressed his concern.

“We only opened the shop three months ago and we are already looking for a solicitor to close down next month.”

“We don’t have enough customers and our profits are already unsteady, after brexit they will get even less consistent.”

“We have no choice.” said Mhagda.

There has also been an increase of hate crime in Bramley since the 2016 referendum.

According to a study by the Guardian hate crime has ‘more than doubled’ in the last five years.

The poorest people in Leeds are determined to suffer most from a no deal.

However residents of Bramley seem to have a nostalgic view of Britain that a no deal will make the country “great again”.

The uncertainty surrounding brexit has led to confusion for residents of Leeds town Bramley.

“I don’t really understand what is going on to be honest, it is all a bit too complicated for me to keep up with” – Janet Davies, 52.



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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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