Hope Pastures revives neglected equines

By India Rose

Hope pastures is a non-profit charity organisation set up to rehabilitate and re-home neglected horses and donkeys.

The sanctuary set up in 1974 takes in abused and unwell ponies and donkeys before rehabilitating them and finding them new homes.

The organisation have a donations scheme set in place and also accept volunteers to lend a hand with caring for the animals.

The sanctuary are currently caring for twenty-four ponies and donkeys that have been brought to them from around Yorkshire, consisting of four donkeys, five larger horses and many Shetlands, welsh and dale ponies.

The breed of ponies and horses in the sanctuary are usually abandoned due to being too expensive to care for and of no value in the show world.

The sanctuary regularly host activities, birthday parties and pony days for the public, and are open seven days a week.

Valentino (Tino) the pony, four years old, was brought into hope pastures last February after a dog walker found him collapsed on the floor and covered in tarmac.

Tino’s case was severe, his hair was matted, he had worms, was lice ridden and suffered from an infection in both of his eyes.

When Tino was found half of his face was frozen to the tarmac he was lying in, he unfortunately lost one of his eyes during the process of being rescued to freeze burn.

Sharon Robinson, volunteer coordinator said, ” When we picked him up we put him in a horse box, it took many of us as he was too weak to stand. He was in such a poor state and with the weather so bitterly cold he had virtually become frozen to the ground”.

“For around six weeks he (Tino) was too timid to come out of his stable, after working with him for two months he eventually understood that we weren’t going to do him any harm”.

“Tino was placed on steroids due to the lack of protein in his body due to the result of the worm damage in his gut and intestines, he soon settled into his new routine.

“He grew and filled out and turned into an absolutely stunning pony.

With the help from Hope Pastures, Tino is now once again a healthy pony and is currently in the process of being re-homed with his new owner.

“Tino will be moving in a day to live with a family where he will receive one to one attention and have the happy home that he deserves.”

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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