Aspiring musicians take centre stage at Oxjam

On the 22nd October 2016, Oxjam Takeover Festival comes to Leeds. An abundance of talented musicians have all volunteered to perform for charity.

Crowd of Favours, Leeds

Crowd of Favours – One of the Oxjam venues

Leeds contains a vibrant music scene. Its diverse music venues offers varying atmospheres and a guaranteed great time.

There are plenty of aspiring musicians looking to follow in the success of Leeds based band The Pigeon Detectives. Oxjam has provided an opportunity for young music talent to showcase their work to the public. This not only raises there reputation but also raises awareness to the charity behind the event, Oxfam.

Leeds based musician Cara Hammond said that “Being around other Leeds artists and being around the buzz of Leeds’ music scene” is what she was most looking forward to. Cara, has supported Charlotte Church in her career.

Previously, she has performed in a competition run by the charity Martin House Hospice. She said “It was so great to take part and raise money for a brilliant cause through music.” She will be performing at the Old Red Bus Station this Saturday.

Leeds Bars that are hosting Oxjam

There are six venues hosting Oxjam across Leeds

Has the event sold out?

Tickets are still available for the event at the price of £10.00 + £1.00 booking fee. £10.50 of this amount will go toOxfam. This amount represents great value for money as ticket holders have access to all six venues for the duration of the festival.

What can I expect as a ticket holder?

Music loving volunteers have organised the event in Leeds under the guidance of Oxfam. With over 62 artists, it is guaranteed to be a very lively atmosphere across all six bars. The event starts at 2pm on Saturday until 12:00am on Sunday. 10 hours of non-stop music for £10.00… Bargain!

“I think it [Oxjam] elevates the City’s music scene as a whole and because the ticket price allows you to enter many venues. It means the exposure is multiplied, which is only a good thing for the artists, fans and the music industry. However, it’s more important to raise the awareness for the charity itself.”

Ernie Jackson – Musician

How much has Oxjam raised?

Since 2006, when Oxjam was introduced, it has raised over £2.8 million nationally.  Ron Lodge – Regional Fundraising Manager North explained that he money has “Contributed to Oxfam’s humanitarian, development and campaigning work. Developing livelihoods in over 90 countries last year.”

The population of Oxjam has steadily grown over the last ten years.

The population of Oxjam has steadily grown over the last ten years.                                 Source: Wikipedia Commons

Raising awareness is key for charities in order to succeed in their individual aims. Introducing a festival as a fundraiser helps hugely, considering the interest they tend to receive. They also introduce music lovers to new and upcoming artists which can only be good for the musicians themselves. Ron Lodge said: “Hopefully, showcasing new and emerging bands invites an audience, keen to get a local festival experience and raise money to help save lives, develop livelihood’s and campaign for change at the same time.”

Some musicians in the Oxjam line up are not local to Leeds and have expressed their excitement to play in a new city. DJ Mark Starkey has worked with indie legends ‘The Happy Mondays’ in his career. He said: “I’ve never played Leeds before, so I’m really excited to perform in front of a completely new crowd.”

 “Some of the things that people have to experience just because of where they are born are extremely unfair. As a human race we have a responsibility to create equality throughout the globe. If my taking part creates one extra ticket sale and that money helps one extra life then it’s a very worthwhile thing to be a part of.”

DJ Mark Starkey

How can I donate?

If you have purchased a ticket, you have given over £10.00 to Oxfam. If you are unable to attend the event, donations can be made here.

Established in 1942, Oxfam’s vision is ‘A just world without poverty. We want a world where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives.’

By Henry Burkinshaw

About the Author

This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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