Northern skills showcased at Leeds Business Week

While the future of George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse is uncertain, Leeds Business week could be crucial in showcasing the skill and opportunities available in the north.


Leeds Business Week has been happening annually since 2008. Over 100 events are put on over the course of the week with the aim of building better relationships. It is looked forward to by businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Businesses are often keen to show the nation what the north has to offer. As Leeds business week boasts, ‘The UK’s biggest business week’ with events selling out weeks in advance it would seem there is no better place to showcase your business.

Yorkshire Building Society is one of the event partners of Leeds Business Week,  “At a key time for the North’s economy, the opportunity presented by proposed faster rail connections for Leeds and Bradford, as well as progress on improving the skills agenda, need to be maximized,” said CEO Chris Pilling, “Leeds Business Week is the chance to understand what the future could hold for our businesses as well as establish new relationships”

‘Creative hub of the North’

Jonny Ross, Managing Director of award-winning Leeds-based digital agency, Jonny Ross Consultancy, has been a Leeds Business Week speaker for the past three years and has been an active Yorkshire Mafia member since the group began over six years ago.

‘“The huge talent pool here in Leeds, coupled with its strong and experienced business community, makes Leeds a great place to do business,” said Jonny Ross, “Events like Leeds Business Week celebrate this, and contribute to establishing the city’s reputation nationally as the economic and creative hub of the North.”

Many of the businesses we spoke to felt that taking part is a way of demonstrating nationally what the north is capable of.

One of these businesses is Carmel Harrison PR which is based in West Yorkshire, which is keen to be involved with Leeds Business week “to help showcase the energy and vitality that business in the city has to offer the wider UK economy”.

“Our seminar ‘How to Write a Killer Press Release’ was fully booked three weeks before the event and generated a lot of genuine inquiries from ambitious organisations,’ said CEO Carmel Harrison.

Local Business

Not only does the Business week showcase northern talent to the nation. It also provides opportunities for local businesses looking to expand and showcase themselves.

The Leeds Rhino foundation, the official charity of the Leeds Rhinos, is benefiting from the Business Week.

Kate Lightfoot from The Leeds Rhino foundation said: “I really wanted to have an event during Leeds Business Week to help spread the word about the work we do in the community to help change lives through sport, and also let more people know about how they can get involved.”

Nigel Cliffe, the founder and Principal consultant at Value Exchange said: “Partnering with Leeds Business Week provides a great opportunity to make a local business audience aware of your brand and services.” He adds that he sees a future for the Business Week and believes it will “gain momentum year-on-year.”

By Kennedy Grainger

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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