Coffee that Tastes Like Beer Now in Leeds

Great Taste 2016 award winning Artemis Brews brings nitro infused coffee into Leeds local shops.

Looks like a beer, but don't let it trick you

Artemis’ nitro cold brew straight out the tap at Kapow Coffee.

Nitro cold brew is essentially cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen. This hybrid came from the US in 2012. ‘Nitro cold brew’ is popular in London, but hasn’t really made its way this far north. So Leeds’ Artemis Brew is putting the untapped market on the taps, alongside Maude, Clifton, and other coffee professionals.



Had brief stints with window tinting and eBay consultations. Now finally sticking around in the coffee industry.

Ben Barker, of Artemis Brews

Artemis’ owner, Ben Barker, has just returned from the 2016 Manchester Coffee Festival. “People loved the nitro. Last year it was very much about education since people didn’t know what it was. This year, 90% of the people knew. Which is astonishing.”

“Try it. If you still don’t understand it (which most people won’t), it’s an experience worth having. It changes your perception of what coffee can be.”

  • Ben Barker.

It may be tough getting your head around how a non-alcoholic single origin coffee drink could taste like beer.

“It’s basically a nitro gas cylinder which pressurises a keg, pushing the brew through a pipe into a nitro tap,” Ben explains. “Bubbles that have been infused in the liquid are forced out of the drink, causing a cascade to flow up to form a creamy head.”

This gives a creamy texture and gassy mouth-feel of a beer to the coffee. “This is one of the most exciting products to come on to the market since the flat white,” says Jeffrey Young, of Allegra Strategies to Guardian.


However, it’s Artemis’ bottled cold brew that’s been awarded the Great Taste Award 2016. “We’re the first cold brew to get that, ever. First in the UK. It kind of validates the ethos on quality that we’ve got,” Ben beamed as he told Leeds Hacks. “It’s blind tasted, and to get an award, there has to be a unanimous vote. It’s not an easy prize to win.” 



By Shin Yiing Lee.

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