Plans for Holbeck urban park put in place

Holbeck’s South Bank is to undergo reconstruction with plans confirming a new public park to provide more “green space” in the urban area. 

Plans will fully take shape and will be put into action over the next 15 years with a budget of £3-4 million. The park life will stretch from Holbeck to Leeds Dock along the River Aire. The green space will break up the chaos of the city and give workers and residents a place to relax in an area that is commonly thought of as run-down.

A viaduct in the Holbeck area.

Residents hope that the refurbishment of the area will make Holbeck more attractive.

The plans aim to enhance the existing parks in Holbeck and will focus on minimising litter, time and cost.

Existing park in Holbeck

An existing park in Holbeck

The area, which has predominantly manufacturing based companies, has already offered jobs with the new base for accountancy firm KPMG, opening earlier this year. The constituency’s MP, Councillor Mohammed Iqbal expects around 35,000 jobs to be generated from the reconstruction.

The New KPMG building opened earlier this year in Holbeck.

The new KPMG building, which opened earlier this year

He says “The park will be a major public space for rest, work and play. It will attract tourists as well as help Leeds compete for the European Capital of Culture in 2023.”

Local shop keeper, Wendy Parry, is excited at the prospect of Holbeck’s revamp and the increase of tourists. “The more tourists means more business. It will be good to see the area looking more colourful.”

Christine's cafe in Holbeck, early afternoon on a weekday.

Local cafe awaits future opportunities

Councillor, Angela Gabriel, is leading the reconstruction plans and hopes to stage events at the newly developed space. “We want to attract more culture to Leeds and make it a more diverse city. Events such as local performances, outdoor theatre and beer festivals will bring the city together to celebrate a vibrant Leeds.”

The scheme is keen to get locals involved by running online surveys to get feedback and allow them to offer suggestions towards the reconstruction.

By Catherine Skelton & Hassan Sidat




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