Wintery warning to West Yorkshire cyclists

The death of a Kirkstall cyclist emphasises the importance of safety for cyclists as winter approaches.

Bike riders have been warned to take extra care now that bad weather and dark evenings make roads more dangerous.

A 33-year-old male cyclist was killed on 14th November after a VW Golf crashed into a parade of shops.

The 22-year-old car driver is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

cyclist-sign-on-roadThe man was killed while cycling in the cycle lane. 

The accident has reminded cyclists and drivers to be extra aware of safety and security.

Tom Healey, 21, a student at Leeds Trinity, cycled from Liverpool Canal to Leeds to raise money for charity.

“I had to wear a helmet, Lycra t-shirt, shorts and suitable shoes for the journey,” said Healey.

“My bike had to be fitted with lights at the front and back for the journey when it got darker and I’m glad it was.

“It was probably a good thing I had my own equipment and appropriate clothes to keep myself safe. We organised it so it wasn’t in winter which was definitely for the best!”


More people than ever are now on the roads cycling.

Leeds shops are stocking extra safety and security equipment aimed at cyclists.

“Lights, bells and horns sell well at this time of year. Wearing cyclist gear helps motorists, I suppose and pedestrians can see them a lot easier at night,” said Sports Direct salesman Richard.


Helmets are particularly advised by retail.

He stressed the importance for cyclists to wear hi visibility jackets and brightly coloured Lycra, especially during night travel.

Keen cyclist Conor Holmes, 24, from Guiseley, gave a light-hearted verdict on the specialist gear bike riders are encouraged to wear.

“I wear really tight, brightly coloured Lycra at night so that all the other motorists can without a doubt see me.

“I also have lots of lights on my bike so everyone knows I’m coming.”

Giving Leeds Hacks a demonstration of his bike horn, Holmes said: “A bell that goes ‘ting-a-ling’ helps when pedestrians jump in the way!”


Remember to stay safe when cycling.

Leeds Hacks reminds cyclists to stay safe on the road and take extra precautions in winter months.

By Alexander Morris and Olivia Kirk


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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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