Power Players in the FTSE 100

In the world of business, power is what everyone strives to achieve. Power can provide you with influence, financial gain and status.

Upon looking into the FTSE 100, it became clear that a large range of powerful business men and women had multiple links to some of the most influential companies across the board. Being directors and sitting on the boards of these companies allowed them to have the power they possess today.

Upon analysis of the FTSE 100’s data and their directors data, certain connections between the companies themselves and the individual business people became clear, allowing the creation of this graph. The results were an interconnected web of power.

10 of the most powerful people and their connections within the FTSE 100

most powerful graph finished


After extensive research shown on the graph above, the corporate companies were proven to have closer links than first thought. All 10 of the powerful people presented on the graph hold influential positions in two or more companies within the FTSE 100. Some of these individuals are even connected to five different companies at once. The most connected companies in this graph are HSBC and Unilever, having four and three connections respectively through these 10 powerful people.

HSBC is connected to multiple business people including David Nish, Paul Walsh, Laura May Ling Cha and Lord Norman Blackwell. This provides HSBC with links to a variety of other companies including Compass Group, London Stock Exchange Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

With regards to these specific 10 people, they connect Unilever to HSBC, Diagio and BP plc are Paul Walsh, Laura May Ling Cha and Byron Grote. Grote has not only been the director of BP plc since 2002, he is also on the board of Standard Chartered, Tesco plc, Unilever and Anglo American plc.

When referring back to the graph, the power these particular 10 business people have over multiple companies is highly visible. Not only are they well connected to multiple companies within the FTSE 100, they are also well connected to each other.


by Abigail Henderson and Lauren Sprason

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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