FTSE100: Where our country’s most influential business people reside

FTSE100 directors and board members take up residencies across the globe, with several factors playing a part in the variance of locations.

A main theme of residency for major key players amongst boards of FTSE100 is that they tend to stay relatively close to where business occurs. For example, and what was to expected, many key figures reside in the wealthy continents of North America and Europe, specifically where trade links are strong and where FTSE100 companies are more likely to expand their interests over time. It could also be noted that some may reside in line with the location of a company headquarters or where they originally began to build the reputation within the business sector, particularly with Americans who venture into the British market having made fortunes previously on home turf. Nonetheless, aside from the recurring theme of business and wealth ensuring that residency is relatively kept to the Countries substantially further economically well-off, there is a smattering of smaller nations which are home to some of the list’s directors and board members. Moreover, this could be as a result of a member willing to stay in their place of birth, which could in turn boost an economy and reputation of a certain place through the stature of resident, or a figure could have decided to boost an economy in a different way whilst representing their own FTSE100 company to expand the brand in lowly areas which need rejuvenation.

There are also partial differences between the residences of board members within different sectors, for example Travel and Leisure to Mining. A specific example from those two sectors can include TUI Group in comparison to Fresnillo. Many of TUI’s directors reside close to the relevant locations in major European cities such as Berlin, London and Vienna. However, the Fresnillo directors reside in Mexico, as that specific trade takes shape in Countries geographically scoped to cope with the demands.

The scope of residences is dependant on not only the economy, but the geography and ability to complete the business to the highest order whether that means spending majority of the time at the locations most useful to complete the tasks and requirements of the FTSE100 companies.

Below is a World Map to show the diversity of locations which occur as the residence of officials within the FTSE100.

By Brad Patefield

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