BBC Question Time sparks ‘ageism’ controversy

‘Ageism’ in the BBC

Tonight’s broadcast of BBC Question Time has already caused controversy.

The debate will be filmed at Leeds Beckett’s Headingley Campus today, with a very particular audience. Only people who are aged 30 years old and under have been selected for the show, which has caused backlash and criticism that this is a display of ‘ageism’ from the BBC.

The programme will air at 10:45pm tonight featuring panelists James Cleverly, Shami Chakrabarti, Stewart McDonald, Paris Lees and Peter Hitchens.

Active debate

The social and political standpoints of the panelists are conflicting, which should cause some heated debate for viewers. James Cleverly is a Conservative MP, known for defending the Prime Minister, who will be debating alongside Labour’s chief legal advisor Shami Chakrabarti and transgender activist Paris Lees.

Raising issues

Many people have seen the under 30 audience as an insult, and are enraged. Some have claimed that the show will be ‘dumbed down’ by the younger generation, whilst others have hit back saying that it will be interesting to hear a ‘fresh new perspective’ from the future of our country, according to The Daily Express.

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