Big Leeds Chat about health

The opinions of people in Leeds are being gathered by healthcare professionals today.

By Emily Coneron

Health organisations across Leeds are holding an event at Kirkgate market today to give the local community a voice on medical and patient issues.

The Big Leeds Chat event was held in Kirkgate market.

The Big Leeds Chat event was held in Kirkgate market.

The event, named Big Leeds Chat, is organised by Health Watch Leeds, who aim aiming to bring together third party professionals from all different health care sectors in Leeds.

They want to ask the community of Leeds how they can improve health and well-being in Leeds. Healthcare in Leeds is constantly changing, plans to increase services in Leeds are underway so people with illnesses can be treated closer to home.

Health inequalities

The Leeds Health and Care Plan underlines issues in the current health care system in Leeds. They plan to tackle any issues and reduce health inequalities. They want to work with the reduced resources they have available to make Leeds the best city for health. Plans to improve healthcare in the city should be completed by 2021.

Big Leeds Chat is one of many events planned to gather more information on the current healthcare situation in Leeds to create positive, effective changes.

Kirkgate market buzzed with atmosphere as the event took place.

Kirkgate market buzzed with atmosphere as the event took place.

Big Leeds Chat is bringing together different people from healthcare services to host health based activities and informative talks to gain a wider perspective on healthcare in Leeds. They strongly encourage the public to get involved and give their opinion so healthcare can be improved for all.

The opening introduction to the event.

The opening introduction to the event.

Third parties such as The British Lung Foundation, Leeds Cancer Awareness and the Leeds Hearing and Sight Loss Service will take part throughout the day. However, they also encourage people to talk about smaller health issues such as fitness as they want to include the whole population of Leeds to create a more accurate response. Popular fitness group Leeds Girls Can have a stand open throughout the day.

Mental health

Mental health workers are also taking part, the day after World Mental Health Day yesterday. Mind Well Leeds, a mental health website in Leeds, aim to bring to light the serious issues surrounding mental health to create better solutions for all.

Leeds Hacks went down to the event this morning to find out a little bit more. We spoke to Viv Lewis, Leeds teaching hospital worker,  about the event and what she hopes it will achieve.

Christine Lunn was walking around the market collecting feedback from the community. We asked her a few questions.

Missed the Big Chat? For more information, take a look at the Leeds Health and Wellbeing website.

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