Beaujolais is back!

The Young Wine is set to make a return to British shores today after a decline in popularity since the 1990s. 

By Jay Partington

two wine glasses full of red wine and two bottles behind

In France the type of wine is celebrated as the first wine of the season

The nickname behind this wine stems from its short fermentation process (a few weeks) as well as it being produced from cheaper grapes. It is seen as a preview wine for the rest of the season and an indication of whether a vintage year is coming.

Wine history

Beaujolais Nouveau was originally made to celebrate the end of the harvest season in France, but just before the turn of the millennium it took off worldwide. However, the cherry-red vintage saw sales plummet after the late 1990s as many batches of the wine weren’t up to the producers’ usual high standards.

To mark the return of Beaujolais Nouveau the UK has restocked their shelves in supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer’s, Majestic, Waitrose and Tesco.

Once Upon A Vine in Horsforth, Leeds, is offering a wine tasting event especially for the French delicacy. Owner of the Yorkshire Wine School Laura Kent told Leeds Hacks: “Wine makers can’t wait to taste the new wines. As soon as it’s bottled they are wanting to try it.”

New generation

Laura also said a new generation of wine makers is using Beaujolais to “launch their own projects” and make a name for themselves.

In order to throw your own authentic Beaujolais Nouveau party, Laura recommends you serve your wine chilled so it stays “fresh and fruity” and pair with a ham –  the “classic pairing” – or a fresh cheese.

If you follow the trends with wine or even just fancy a glass of what everybody’s talking about, check your local wine merchant or supermarket, but remember to drink responsibly.

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