Apps take the strain off NHS

Tens of thousands of younger people have decided to take matters into their own hands -literally- by downloading apps to better their mental health.

By Jay Partington

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The younger generation is becoming the most affected by poor mental health.

Last year 37% of teenagers and children were refused help from the NHS due to the sheer influx of people needing care and attention. In order to try and tackle some of the deficit and appeal to a younger audience, many have developed apps that offer the same help as medical professionals.

Most of these apps are free and approved on the NHS list.

Apps such as “Moodpath” and “Catch it.” provide instant connections with councillors as well as offering mental health assessments and charts of progress.

Leeds Hacks spoke to Rahul Syal, he believes “a weight has been lifted” from his shoulders and “a lot more people should be using them”.

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