Depop mobile app puts money in pockets of vintage fans

by Chris Nicholls

Students are earning more than £700 a month via clothing marketplace app, Depop. Collecting and reselling recycled garments from charity shops and car boot sales has become common trend from the bedrooms of students.

Seller Amy Rawlins takes a picture of items to sell on Depop

Sellers are making up to £150,000 per year on the Depop marketplace app.

Amy Rawlins is one of many students in Leeds, who have started a part time business through selling used clothes.

Auctioning recycled clothes from charity shops, parents’ cast offs and vintage sales is bringing in a significant amount of cash each month.

“After three years on Depop, I have developed a keen eye for what sells,” said Rawlings.

Profit margins through Depop can be upwards of 300%, “Sometimes I can pick up a second hand designer jumper for less than £10, and sell it for £30 on Depop.”

Sarah Andrews, another student runs a part time business through the app with over 4000 followers. “The exclusivity of vintage items drives the price. People build a liking to your page, attaching to your taste and are willing to pay for the one off items,” says Andrews.

graph depop

The resurgence of recycled vintage wear is a national trend. Depop has gathered over 10 million users since inception in 2011, averaging more than £300m per year in sales.

Fashion retail expert Esther Pugh is currently studying for PhD in vintage clothing. “The quality is so much better than what you would buy on the high street. The high street is mass produced, global products, made with the cheapest possible fabrics,” says Pugh.

Pugh believes serendipity is one of the major factors in people’s attraction to the experience of shopping for vintage clothing.

“It’s about treasure hunting, the experience of finding those things. Purely by chance you will come across something that is the most gorgeous garment that fits you perfectly, beautifully made and if you would have bought it originally, it would have been very expensive.”

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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