Café in Leeds is a safe space for LGBT

Flamingos Coffee House is a café in Central Arcade in Leeds City Centre which aims to be a safe space for the LGBT community.

By Georgie Eastabrook

Flamingos Coffee House is the only LGBT café in Leeds that is “dry”, offering hot and soft drinks to customers, rather than solely alcohol.

Leeds already has bars and clubs dedicated to the LBGT community, but James Greenalgh, owner of Flamingo wants to change that. He says: “for all LBGT, alcohol isn’t always what’s wanted, so I think it’s important that people have that choice.”

James Greenalgh, Owner of Flamingos Coffee House

James Greenalgh, Owner of Flamingos Coffee House

The café opens late at night, allowing those who don’t wish to drink a safe place to go.

The Equals Society at Leeds Beckett University has hosted two events at the café, allowing people to play board games, have a cup of coffee, talk about any issues or generally chat.

Jaimie Kay, secretary for the society says: “having these sober places like Flamingo’s, especially so close to university and to the community are useful for people that need that brief rest or to talk about issues.”

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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