Over thirty takeaways and restaurants in Leeds have poor hygiene ratings

The Food Standard Agency have issued 33 restaurants and takeaways, in Leeds, a poor hygiene rating of at least 1 or below.

- Leeds takeaway

– Leeds takeaway

Student favourites such as Amazing Menu, Charlie Chans and Franco’s pizzeria located in Hyde Park have been given a rating of 1 this year. Although this does not determine the quality of the food, it looks at the hygiene standards that have been missed.

Ratings are carried out on the basis of; the handling of the food, food preparation, cleanliness of the facilities and how food is served, according to the food hygiene preparation scheme. These random checks need to be carried out annually in order to ensure businesses are following these guidelines put into place.

None of the “one star” takeaways we approached wanted to comment on their rating or experience with the agency. Whereas, the chef at Al Khaleej, an Arabic restaurant with a five star hygiene rating said “It’s not very hard. They ask you simple questions and you just have to follow their guidelines. If they choose not to meet the mark they suffer the consequence of a bad rating”.

- Student favorite Amazing Menu

– Student favorite Amazing Menu

Hyde Park’s LFC (Leeds Fried Chicken) manager said “although checks are random if you are reported, an inspector will act immediately without warning you just never know when… and this is why it’s so important to constantly check that you are following what is been asked”.

Some of these restaurants are located around areas such as Hyde Park which sports a large population of university students. “I don’t think it would bother me, I only go there when I am drunk or after a night out.” one resident told us. “It is massively off-putting for me,” another commented, “Even though I always enjoy the food this will definitely prevent me from eating with them in the future and that preparing food in an unhygienic environment is both disgusting and unhealthy”.


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