Bouncer fired for assaulting amputee


Double amputee George Blackshaw suffered head injuries.

Double amputee George Blackshaw suffered head injuries.

Leeds University Student, George Blackshaw, 19, was thrown out of Headrow House and ‘hit’ by a bouncer after spilling his drink.

Around 03.00 GMT Tuesday, at ‘Bobby’s Disco’ witnesses saw Mr Blackshaw ‘stumbling’ out the club ‘as if he’d been pushed.’ His back was still turned when the bouncer raised his hand and assaulted him. The bouncer then returned to the venue.

“George fell to the ground and split his face open on the pavement.”

“There was blood everywhere”

Blood on the pavement.

Blood on the pavement outside Headrow House from George’s head injuries

Medical students Alex Bald and Zoe Moles, took Mr Bradshaw to Leeds General Infirmary to be treated for his injuries, after bouncers refused to help.

Zoe Moles said “The two bouncers at the gate did absolutely nothing apart from stand and watch, they had no idea we were medical students and did not seem bothered about him at all.”

“10 minutes after the incident a different bouncer came out to check on him again but was quite happy to leave him to us. I was shocked there was no first aid procedure put in place by the club.”

She said “George didn’t lose consciousness that I know of he was a bit confused and upset that this had happened and called his Dad to let him know.”

Mr Blackshaw said “At the time I was just in shock. Now I feel absolutely disgusted with what happened”.

“I became a double amputee at 16 months through a lawnmower accident.”

“I would also like to reiterate that even though it was awful they did it to a double amputee, that even if I wasn’t then this shouldn’t be happening anyway.”

” No matter who I was. What the bouncer did was awful.”

Headrow House has apologised to George. In a statement, the venue said: “We can confirm that the member of the security team involved in the incident has been relieved of his duties effective immediately and we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise wholeheartedly to George.”

Headrow House told Leeds Hacks “The safety of our customers is of the highest priority and following the incident on Tuesday, our security provider, Showsec, are looking to retrain all their staff.”

By Lily Ryder

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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