How rebellious are Yorkshire MPs?

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With Brexit on everyone’s mind and parliament being held in jeopardy in recent weeks, there is a case for the argument that because of all this, MP’s are becoming more rebellious in the House of Commons.

From data gathered by Leeds Hacks, we can see that in 2018 some MP’s in Yorkshire have not been entirely compliant with their party proposals, manifestos and bills.

Despite the Tory party having less than half the amount of MP’s than the Labour party, the rebellion rate is almost double that of the Labour MP’s in the same region.

The idea that Conservatives have a high rebellion rate arguably brings the notion that their Yorkshire MP’s are slowly becoming more left wing.

9 Tory MP’s out of the 17 in office have rebelled in the last year whereas Labour have had 16 MP’s rebel out of their  37 in Yorkshire.

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We spoke with Matt Mokhefi-Ashton, a political professional who told us MP’s morality and own ethics come into play.

“There’s a lot of self interest; they always have one eye back home but preserving their own place in parliament is always taken into consideration.”

“MP’s are always thinking about the views of their constituents when rebelling or supporting.”

“On the other hand we could see more MP’s rebelling as a result of party fragmentation.”

It could also be assumed that because many people may regard Theresa May’s government as weak, MP’s are less scared to rebel.

“Towards the end of an PM’s time in office, effectively their power fades away and an MP may think they will be out of office soon anyway.”

“Contrary to this, if your government has a 100 seat majority, they could feel free to rebel.”

While Theresa May has not been in power for too long, there is certainly a element of uncertainty surrounding the Prime Minister’s future after Brexit.

With the Brexit bill vote being decided on tonight, it is possible we may see the largest rebellion in parliament in over 100 years.

By Joe Cook and Owen Tyrie.






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