Male MPs standing up for students in Yorkshire

By Rebecca Tee and Lauren Halligan

Do men care more about higher education in Yorkshire than women?

Our yearly index has revealed brand new information for 2018 on the activity of our Yorkshire MPs. The index league table can be found here.

The data has revealed that male MPs in Yorkshire talk about tuition fees three times more than female MPs. This is great for students in Yorkshire that are worried about fees continuing to rise, especially for those that live in cities that have dominant universities.

bar graph

This graph shows that male MPs mention tuition fees more than female MPs.

These cities include; Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield and Hull. These were the constituencies whose MPs spoke up for tuition fees the most in parliament. Our data has shown that these MP’s all happen to be male.

But what does this mean for students who do not live in these constituencies? Well, our research shows that if you have an MP who voted “Remain” in the EU referendum your MP is still more likely to talk about tuition fees in parliament than an MP who voted to leave.

bar chart

This graph shows that “remainers” are more likely to talk about tuition fees in parliament more than “leavers”.

We spoke to a student from York whose MP is Rachel Maskell, who happens to be at the top of the league table for this year and the previous year. Eleanor Dawson said, “As a student, I do not feel like I am represented in parliament, especially as my local MP has only spoken about tuition fees once.” Henry Whitaker from Leeds, represented by Hilary Benn, said: “I see no change, despite his voice in parliament I am yet to see a difference being made to the cost of education.”

This year our index has revealed intriguing data concerning the representation for students in Westminster. With big changes happening in 2019, in regards to leaving the EU, will we see a difference next year?



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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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