Media Powerlist: Top media directors have more than one media connection and pluralism

Bosses of top publishers like the Daily Mail, Financial Times and the BBC often have connections with other media organisations, research by Leeds Hacks has found.

By Elaine Kimeiywo.

Most directors in the media houses have links and connections with other media houses making it a flowchart of connections linking one director to several media organisations.

Aside from media connections, they also have other connections that are not media related or linked to any media houses.

These other connections are mainly business or charity oriented and they still maintain top positions of Chief Executive Officer, Director or Chairman.

‘Directors and connections’

Flowchart showing director connections to Media organisations

Flowchart showing director connections to Media organisations

David John Bergg, 61, is a Director at STV Group PLC. He is also linked to Sky TV, BBC and ITV. According to the data provided, he has the most media connections. He is also associated with Beckets Barn Consultancy Limited.

Kate Sarah Geater, 63, is an active Director at All3Media Intermediate Limited. She also has links and connections to The BBC and channel 4 Television Corporation. Other connections linked to her is Mirmax Films.

Angela McMullen, 52, is both a Director and a Secretary at All3Media Intermediate Limited and is involved with Liberty Global PLC as an active Director.

Joseph Kevin Beatty, 61, is an Executive Director at Daily Mail and General Trust and is linked to Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC as an active director. His links include Thomas Crosbie Holdings Limited and Zoopla PLC.

‘Media Plurality’

These connections bring an argument about media pluralism which is a concept of embracing several opinions and information and diverse ownership of companies.

According to a research article by The Central European University Press, negative effects associated with media plurality includes mainstreaming of the remaining titles in order to maximize audiences, standardization of cultural content in the media, influence of owners on content and influence advertisers and other economic interests of the media content.

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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