Brexit Deadline Approaching

The 29th of March is the deadline for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. 

By Rebecca Tee and Harry Douglas-Gratton

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the break from the EU.

Leeds City Council provides advice on their website for local businesses as for what to expect, however there is still confusion even from local government.

The consequences of a no deal may have serious impacts on every region in the UK, including Yorkshire. What specifically this will entail is still unclear, however the Confederation of British Industry says that a no deal Brexit would be a “disaster for the UK economy, for businesses and for individual livelihoods.”

On Tuesday, Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal was voted down by 391 to 242 by parliament, and just yesterday parliament also voted to rule out a no-deal situation with the EU.

The 29th of March is the proposed deadline for leaving the EU, however today’s vote on extending article 50 could delay the leave for even longer.

With no plan to leave, and MPs rebelling against the Prime Minister, what will the future be like for cities such as Leeds?


The general public seem to be just as divided over Brexit as politicians, and with no clear information about the country’s future frustrations are beginning to show.

Twitter, in particular, has had #BrexitMayhem trending all week.



It’s all well and good joking about Brexit, but time will see how much Theresa May can accomplish in just 15 days.

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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