Gaming addiction on the rise among students

Gaming addiction has recently been classed as an official disorder. Many university students now struggle to get their work done due to their addiction to video games.

By Alex Armitstead

Strategies to combat gaming addictions have recently been discussed in Parliament.

Video game addiction is rife among students. Many say they’re having to find ways to cope with the addiction to ensure it does not affect their studies.

This addiction has also affected many students’ attendance. Attendance rates have been dropping recently and for some people this is due to the constant releases of new games. Games are now also regularly updating which means that gamers always have something to be coming back to.

With students paying more than £9000 a year for university courses, this is clearly a problem that needs solving. Most universities in the UK offer counselling services and many of these services have now adapted to help students with their gaming addictions.

The development in technology has both helped education and hindered it. Where new technology becomes available to help students study, it can also distract students. One student who’s addicted to video gaming told us how he copes.

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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