Hungarian family reunite to introduce traditional food

Vali and Zoli moved their business from London one year ago. How does it compare?

By Holly Green

Lands Lane is a popular spot for food vans in Leeds city centre. From pizza to falafel, the street is not lacking in choice for traditional food from all over the world.

A relatively new business, however, has introduced a new cuisine to the area.

Traditional Hungarian Food Stand

Vali and Zoli moved to England 11 years ago














Vali and Zoli, the owners of Traditional Hungarian Food, brought their family over to England from Hungary over a decade ago.

”We spent five years in London and five years in some other cities,” Vali said: ”Leeds is a smaller and much cheaper town, London is always busy. We definitely prefer Leeds.”

So why Leeds? Zoli said: ”We moved to Leeds for our children as they came here to study three years ago, we wouldn’t change anything about it.” Vali added: ”It’s perfect for our business, not too many people, and shopping is great.”

Val and Zoli moved to England from Hungary 11 years ago

Val and Zoli came to Leeds last Winter

Vali and Zoli have a Facebook page for Traditional Hungarian Food, filled with compliments towards not only the food, but the hospitality and friendliness of the pair.

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