“It’s the only city I’d want to live in”

Leeds newcomers choose Leeds as the best city, where freedom of expression is for all 

By Jennifer Tierney

Harry Booth, 24, and Daniel Cookridge, 22, moved to Leeds in 2017 to be together with no judgment.

Booth fell in love with Leeds after attending Leeds Festival in 2015, where he sang with his icon, James Hetfield and this year he is attending the festival for the fifth year in a row.

Cookridge said: “Leeds is a city where I feel like I can be me with no strings attached. Living in Bradford, I felt like I had to hide who I am, but in Leeds, everybody is accepted. There’s club nights and social spaces for every social group and nobody looks at us disgusted because of who we are. It’s the only city I’d want to live in.”

An image of people in Leeds

Metallic love: Harry Booth (left) with Daniel Cookridge (right), recall singing with James Hetfield, the lead singer of Metallica at Leeds Festival

Booth said: “The first time I came to Leeds was for Leeds Festival in 2015. They were the best five days of my life because we could be who we were without anybody judging us.

“After that week, we booked straight on to the 2016 festival and came to Leeds a lot for trips out. In 2017 we got a flat in Hyde Park. I think that was probably the best thing we’ve ever decided to do together,” Booth continued.

An image of people in Leeds

Harry and Daniel love Leeds because they feel able to express their style

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