“Leeds is a city of hope and opportunity”

Aspiring film-maker Amy Leek reveals why she chose to study in Leeds.

By Shannon Mighty

Photo of student, Amy Leek.

Amy thinks Leeds offers more opportunities than her hometown.

Amy Leek, 17, one day dreams of working in the glitzy and glamorous British film industry.

“I study film at Leeds City College and I’m in my first year”, she said.

Leek who is from Bradford says she chose to come to Leeds to study for several reasons.

“I like how student-friendly Leeds is and how there’s so many different cultures. I find it really interesting.”

According to Population UK, Leeds is home to around 200,000 students just like Leek who are pursuing higher education.

She feels there’s more opportunity and buzz in the city than in her hometown.

“It’s much better here and there’s not that many good colleges in my area”, she said.

“In Bradford there’s not much to do. Here there’s shops and everything and just more to do.”

Leeds was voted Britain’s best city to live in for quality of life, in the Sustainable Cities 2016 world report.

After completing her college course in film at Leeds City College Leek hopes she will be able to apply for an industry training scheme.

“I’d like to go to do an apprenticeship in film after college.”

About the Author

This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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