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BBC journalists share what its really like to report in Leeds

By Georgia Ellis

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Peter Townsend (left) and George Thompson (right) have worked for BBC Leeds for over ten year, reporting on the current affairs in the heart of the city.

Being a journalist in Leeds can be hard, but as a cameraman Peter Townsend knows it has its rewards.

“I’ve worked in Leeds all my career. Seeing the city through a lens and capturing the way it’s changed over the years has been a pleasure. Life has always varied within this abundant northern quarter.

“The industrial has turned into the modern and the people are more diverse than ever. Through filming I’m able to show the beauty of Leeds and how it’s core values have stayed the same. It’s a proud city and that’s the reason I love working here,’’ says Townsend.

BBC reporters

On Briggate the journalist often conduct voxpops to engage with the citizens of Leeds

With the Brexit deals underway Freelance journalist George Thompson believes things are abut to change vastly within the city:

“Leeds is always changing. I’ve worked in Leeds as a journalist for over 10 years and through this I’ve seen how sudden change can happen. With Brexit occurring the face of Leeds is sure to alter. Its people will stay strong and thrive from the challenges ahead.‘’




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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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