Mr Bling, the man in the van…

We’ve all seen and heard of Mr Bling.  He’s Leeds’ funniest and favourite ice-cream van man. But who is the man behind the van?

By Emma-Jane Tarabay

Mr Bling the Ice Cream Man

Malik (Mr Bling), the ice-cream man.

Malik, 29 grew up in South London, but made the decision to follow his heart to Leeds.

Malik “Bling” (he refused to say if that was his real last name) was introduced to the ice-cream industry by his family, with both his brothers and father passionate about the work they do.  Growing up around the positive culture of this job, it wasn’t long until Mr Bling the ice cream man was born.  “I’m an outgoing person and I have always been able to talk for England, I couldn’t image doing anything different.”

With London becoming busier and more competitive, Malik found himself struggling for opportunities and it wasn’t long until he decided to make the move from the city of London to cute, cosy York.

“I came to Leeds for love, I followed the missus.”

After meeting his partner, it made sense for them to commit themselves, and so Malik made the courageous decision to take his business further North. Next stop, Leeds.

8 years later, Mr Bling hasn’t looked back. “It’s lively and exciting, I always experience something new every day on the job. I love what I do and I love meeting people and now that the weather is picking up, everyone is coming out more. It’s great to give them something to smile about”

Malik (Mr Bling)

Mr Bling, the man in the van.

Mr. Bling did it for love.


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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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