Leeds gets improvements in safeguarding

Millions more are to be spent on safeguarding in Leeds.

By Molly Clayton and Lucy Hopwood

Changes are being made to help vulnerable adult groups in Leeds live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board works in partnership with the council, police and NHS.

The board puts in place measures to protect the health, well-being and human rights of individuals, which allow  young people and vulnerable adults – to feel safe within the community.


Leeds City Council Scrutiny Board heard on Tuesday an additional money has been allocated to support demand based services including homecare, social care and public heath for vulnerable adults in the city.

However, there has been a £100 million cut in grant funding since 2010, which councillors say caused a strain on services.

Richard Jones, independent chair for  the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board said: “We have reviewed our approach and have committed to working more closely with citizens in Leeds as we move forward.

“The board’s vision, is for Leeds to be a safe place for everyone.”

Safeguarding Leeds has worked with Safer Leeds to seek out the voice of the adult at risk, and improve awareness of safeguarding across all communities.

One aim is for everyone to know where to get help and to have confidence in how the board will respond.

The council’s call for improvement comes after a 8.2% increase of safeguarding concerns throughout the UK in 2018. Yorkshire has been found to have the third highest number of concerns according to an NHS report.


The Domestic Violence Breakthrough Project aims to keep individuals safe. The intention behind the project is to bring together council, organisations, communities and individuals.

Domestic abuse has risen 63% since 2011, with 1 in 4 women being found to experience this in their lifetime.

Councillor Richard Jones said: “Our aim is for everyone with support needs to receive the advice and support they need if they experience domestic abuse and violence.

“Tackling domestic violence and abuse is a key priority for Leeds City Council.

“The Domestic Violence Breakthrough Project provides an opportunity to build on significant work that has taken place in the city over a number of years and to identify ways to do things differently for everlasting change.”

Percentage and distribution of enquiries by type of risk 2017/18

NHS England are working alongside the board as part of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group scheme.

The Leeds Safeguarding Board Annual Report 2017/18 identifies where the additional £18.6 million allocation will be spent.

A portion of this goes to the training of NHS staff to enable them to recognise a person at risk.

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, safeguarding teams and Long-Term Care Hospital have worked together to develop The Prevent Training scheme.

The training has been evaluated positively and is being used to support providers and has a success rate of 85%.

‘Hear my voice’

Emma Mortimer who works for Safeguarding Leeds said: “Over the last year we have worked with citizen groups such as Touchstone Safeguarding Group to include their voices and guidance in how we work with people and support them.

“Our new approach is built around citizen led ‘Talk to me, Hear my voice’ principles.”

Touchstone provides mental health and wellbeing services to over 2,000 people a year.

They work with communities to grow their capacity and demand the services that they are entitled to.

A spokesperson from Touchstone said: “Our passion is to secure the rights and entitlements of the people we work with and for.

“We aim to make the cities we work in better able to meet the needs of those vulnerable people who live there.”

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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