“Leeds are welcoming and open to home-schooled children”

Leeds holds many opportunities for home-educated children, according to ‘homeschooler’ Ian Thursfield

By Jessica Kay

Ian Thursfield, co-owns zero waste shop The Jar Tree, but is also a stay-at-home Dad. He chooses to educate his children from home, instead of sending them to a traditional school.

He emphasises that Leeds is one of best areas equipped for home schooling:

“Leeds is great for kids because there are so many activities going on. There are so many museums and learning opportunities for kids. From our own experience, Leeds are also welcoming and open to home school children – lot of events going on for home schooling children. There are events that is always an angle geared for children. ”

Shop owner and his young daughter

Ian Thursfield home schools his two daughters. His youngest, called Eleanor, is in the photograph.

Mr Thursfield opens up about what influenced him to educate his children from home. He says:

“We decided to home school as we didn’t have good experiences in school. I always wanted to learn, but I felt like the class was geared towards the people who didn’t want to learn –  and to help them catch up…  ‘I don’t want to be at this slow pace, I’m sick of being held back.’ Being home-schooled would have meant I could have gone at my own pace.

There was also a large element of bullying, there always is in large social groups like that. I wanted to take my children out of that as much as possible.”


Shop owner with his child


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