Zero-waste shop owner determined to help the planet

Portrait shot of owner of EcoTopia

Michelle will not “be one of the people who did nothing,” in regards to helping the environment


Michelle Arthur, an Armley resident for the past three years, is the co-owner of plastic-free and zero-waste food store EcoTopia which is based in the Central Arcade.

After growing up in York, she moved to Leeds in 2016 “to save money because York is too expensive,” and has since developed a great connection to Leeds.

Reflecting on the differences between her home town and her new city, Michelle likens York to Disneyland: “every-time I go back to York, I feel like it’s for the tourists, its all made pretty to look good in tourist photos and all that. Just I don’t know not fake but it doesn’t seem like a real city compared to Leeds.”

After moving to Leeds, and fuelled by a passion for protecting the environment and the oceans, Michelle and her sister Samantha opened EcoTopia on 31st October 2018.

It’s clear just how passionate the two sisters are about the future of the planet, Michelle says she will not “be one of the people who did nothing.

“I will not be one of the people who saw the devastation and carried on exactly the same as if my actions make no difference.”

When asked about what has changed since she moved to Leeds, Michelle smiled as she said there is “now one more eco friendly and zero waste store,” added to the collection of independent and interesting shops the city now has to offer.

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