Cost of living increases in Leeds

Housing for students increase in prices

Brexit and an increase in energy bills have bumped up prices according to an estate agent in Leeds.

By Katie Lyons

“The sobering reality of a no-deal Brexit has created an artificial increase in material costs”

Due to a potential no-deal Brexit, the cost of living in Leeds for tenants renting is higher says, David Walshe.

Affecting many students, not only has rent gone up but travel prices have too.

The University of Leeds student Tino Freestone says he struggles to balance the cost of living at university and ensuring he is not working too much so he can focus on his grades. He has just entered his fourth year of studies and in the past three years, he could survive just off his student loan.

However, due to his rent increasing by £5 a week he is forced to get a job in his final yet most important year.

“It goes up each year about twenty-five pounds between the 4 of us due to inflation which is annoying, after living in the same house for the past three years too.”

“We are through an agency and they always pressure us to sign the contract for the next year, we have to let them know by October/November time and if not they will just replace us.”

Even though earlier on this year the minimum wage went up, the pay rise came as bills become more expensive.

David Walshe Senior Portfolio Manager for Pickard Properties said:

“There are a number of factors which have compelled us to increase our rents this year.”

“Utility bills have forced our hand, utility caps have increased once already this year with the possibility of a further increase later this month, maintenance costs have increased substantially in recent times.”

“The sobering reality of a no-deal Brexit has created an artificial increase in material costs.”

“Further, at a time where the rented housing sector is in growth the demand for competent tradesman has increased dramatically, and in turn, our prices have increased.”

Estate agents forced to up their rent

Travel fares have increased affecting bus users, according to First Bus the prices have gone up as a motive for commuters to purchase tickets on the First Bus app. If they pre-purchase tickets then it is cheaper than paying when the bus arrives.

For students traveling from Headingley to the City Centre, last year it was £1.20 and now it has increased to £1.30.

First Bus up their fare

Leeds has a higher cost of living than UCL in London. Leeds accommodations vary from £95.97-£236.04 per week whereas UCL has an average of £170 per week. However, an average food shop for students in Leeds has estimated at £40 per week yet the average food shop for UCL students is £30 per week, according to from the universities websites

The cost of travel in Leeds on average is £21 per week yet according to statistics from the University of Manchester’s website, travel for their students is around £8 per week.

To rent from an IQ student accommodation in Leeds, on average is £140 per week for an en suite room yet in Manchester IQ averages from £120 with an en suite in similar standard and distance from the university to the halls of residence.

Although living in Leeds is becoming expensive, the average pint is still cheaper than the national average. For a pint of larger in Leeds, you’ll be paying £2.50 compared to £3.92 in London. Which for some students is the real deal-maker!





















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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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