Leeds charity raises millions to support local hospitals

New NHS funding to build two new hospitals in the city center improving the facilites and standard of care given to patients

Leeds Cares has raised around £5 million pounds in the last year to support the running of Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

by Katie Garrett

New NHS funding to build two new hospitals in Leeds city centre

Leeds Care raise millions last year to provide Leeds Teaching Hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment beyond NHS budget and will now be helped further by extra funding as part of new Health Infrastructure plan

The money raised through fundraising and donations is used to fill in the gaps that are missed from the NHS funding and provides Leeds hospitals with new and advanced equipment that otherwise would not be possible “to improve the environment for patients.”

This comes as new NHS funding where Leeds will benefit from a £2.7billion government contribution which will pay for the development of two new hospitals in Leeds as part of its new Health Infrastructure plan.

Hilary Benn, Leeds Central Labour MP has welcomed the news of the plans to build a new children’s hospital as well as a new adults ward, which comes after his personal contact with the Prime Minister about the matter.

As the hospitals’ official charity partners, Leeds Cares have a close relationship with staff and patients in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, and are able to find out what is needed to improve the experience for all those in the hospital.

In the last year, they have provided special equipment for all different areas of the hospital.

£2.4 million was raised to finance the production of specialized water bottles for radio-therapy patients, that ensure they have they have the required amount of water needed before they start their treatment.

They were able to fund the development of a new app developed for the neo-natal ward. This new technology allowed parents to access updates and communicate with hospital staff about their child if unable to be with them – a new technology that is the first of its type in England.

Fundraising events are carried out over the year in order to provide additional funding to the NHS budget which provides the luxuries that the NHS wouldn’t class as essential.

Joanna Parker, Communications Assistant for Leeds Cares commented on how the charity provide “the things that are simply out of the reach of the NHS a some pieces are brand new and too advanced, so [they] are giving the extra boost to do that.”

Today, Health and Social Care secretary Matt Hancock launched the largest hospital building program in the UK, which includes the building of two new hospitals in Leeds City center.

Plans have been confirmed to build a new children’s hospital as well as a new adults unit, which has been welcomed with very wide spread support throughout the city.

However, Shadow Health Secretary and Labour MP, Jonathon Ashworth, has said opposed the claim that all £1.8bn of the ‘new’ money that is being given to the NHS is not actually new: 

“Boris Johnson has misled the public and our NHS staff. You cannot trust a word he says and his claims are unravelling. It is now that this is not money, but funds already earmarked for hospitals which ministers previously blocked.”

Hilary Benn, Labour MP for Leeds Central says it is, “very welcome news, this will be really important new facilities for people throughout the city and region. What matters to me is that the Leeds hospitals get the funding so they can build these wonderful new facilities”.

Leeds Cares is “really excited” by the new plans as “Leeds hospitals are heavily used by patients everywhere, and this will enable everyone to be fitted and in and making sure that people aren’t waiting along time and will continue to be given the great support already offered.”

Although the announcement comes as a great relief to the charity, the work won’t stop as they plan to continue their fundraising events in the upcoming Christmas months, including their annual campaign, ‘Leeds Cares at Christmas’ and a charity abseil down Leeds Beckett Portland building.

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