Happy National Techies Day

Today marks National Techies Day in Leeds and the rest of the UK.

By Liam Graves-Pattison

Techies Day was originally developed in 1998 by techies.com, a website designed to help those looking for a job in the tech industry.

The initial aim was to help high school students become educated about career paths leading into technology. The day has since gone on to honour and celebrate technology which is constantly evolving, and it’s also for those people who love technology.

But Leeds Hacks found one technician who’s worried that things have gone too far.

The annual commemoration is held on the third day of the tenth month of each year.

Beth Roberts and Richard Pickering who are both technicians at Leeds Beckett University, spoke to Leeds Hacks.

“It’s nice to celebrate”Β 

“I think what’s most interesting is that when this started in 1998, technology wasn’t even at the height that its got to now” said Beth. “It’s got so complex, and it’s amazing to be a part of a national known day. It’s nice to celebrate the people that work hard every day to develop technology and to keep it evolving.

“Technology should definitely be celebrated and I love the fact that it has a day of celebration as this is both the present and future of humans, and without it I wouldn’t have a job! It’s opened up a lot more opportunities for me. I started working here in the library on a placement, not thinking much of it, to actually getting a full time job which now pays my bills. It’s strange to think that 20 years earlier this job wouldn’t even be around.”

“I wish people would speak to one another again”

Richard said: “It all has its ups and downs, as even though it’s great that we have all these different gadgets we can use, now as human beings we are far too consumed into technology. It’s almost ruined the way that we communicate and interact with one another. I tend to find when I am not working I am most definitely off my phone and all other devices. I try to keep it to a minimum as it’s easy to get consumed in it all, and I do feel sorry for the kids of today who have been brought into a world so reliant on having a phone, TV etc. I wish people would actually speak to one another again.”

With the release of the new “iPhone 11” it’s evident big companies like Apple are not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

“I do enjoy what I do,” said Richard. “I think it can be challenging and everyday is different as it’s always developing, although the future does always alarm me. I feel like 20 years from now the world will be taken over by robots.”

“The future of technology is quite scary to think,” said Beth. “Even five years ago, things were very different to what they are now, but it’s also quite exciting as what’sΒ  being made now are things we will all be using in the future.”

Whatever you’re doing today, remember to appreciate those tech people around you – and why not treat yourself to a brand new gadget?

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This article was produced by a student or students on the BA in Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

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