Drivers claim Leeds City Council issue parking fines when no rules are broken

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Drivers say Leeds City Council are giving out parking fines when the motorists have not actually broken any rules.

By Ellie Dawson

Although many motorists that are being given the penalty charge haven’t actually broke any of the rules, and end up with the fine being revoked.

Chris Murgatroyd received a fine but he was refunded by the council because he was able to prove that signage was not displayed to say it was a restricted area, he said: “I expect many hundreds of other drivers received fines unlawful at the time until they corrected their signage.”


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Some motorists are being fined without breaking any rules.

Research by Compare the Market based on the Freedom of Information figures saw that Leeds City Council made more money on parking fines than any other council outside of London in 2017/18. Based on a three month period, 23,734 fines were issued, making £393,897.00 in South Parade Central alone.

The council made more than £6 million in 2017/18 from 133,949 parking charges, according to the FOI data.

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According to FOI data, 23,734 fines were issued down South Parade in a three month period.


David Ruddock received a penalty notice last month at the Vicinity of the Parish Church, and said: “Leeds City Council gave me a ticket because my disabled badge clock was set 45 minutes out, and despite the fact that we had not overstayed we came back to a fine.

“My wife was driving and accidentally set the timeclock to 12:30 instead of 13:15, but I appealed on the grounds that the cardboard disc is not a time clock and it was recinded.”

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Within a three month period, 23,734 parking charge notices were issued down South Parade Central.

Another motorist who was fined for not displaying her ticket, even though it was clearly shown on her dashboard, tweeted: “So.. Leeds City Council tried giving me a parking fine for not displaying my ticket..”


Leeds City Council said the most common reasons for Parking Charge Notices are usually: parking without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket, parking without payment of the parking charge, parking for longer than permitted, or driving in a bus lane during restricted hours.

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Student Journalist for Leeds Now, part of the Leeds Hacks team.

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