‘The explosion was intentional’: Fortnite game disappears in black hole

A black whole with blue and purple hues which swallowed the fortnite gameFortnite black hole caused by an meteor explosion on the island

Fortnite players are angered by the meteor explosion which caused a spiralling black hole however, some remain hopeful that there is more.

By Elaine Kimeiywo.

The black hole which is in constant swirling, has completely paralysed the game, providing no way around it for players to be able to log in and play the game or access the map.

The disappearance of the game has caused tension among devoted players as it was the end of season 10. the live event to mark the beginning of season 11 was just about to start.

“I was definitely expecting more. Waste of an event in my opinion, for a rocket to go off and meteor to be removed,” says Teddii Pugsly, a 21 year-old gamer.

‘It was intentional’

Previous season launches had events such as a rocket which split the sky into two, a volcano eruption and a monster versus robot battle. This season even launch was to bring about a map changing live event.

“Everything till now is intentional including the blackout. They nailed it. They hyped it up like no other game could. everyone is talking about the game and they cant wait to play it. This was supposed to happen,” Daphne Knipping, a gamer says.

The black hole is a marketing strategy to draw in more players and get back the old players.

“It’s marketing, but its a careful balance. too long and they will piss the community off. get it right and it will build suspense”, Freya App says.

“It’s a gamble though, because if the update does not blow the majority of the community away, it could cause people to abandon the game. Gamers are fickle like that and many are easily swayed from game to game,” she adds.

‘The beginning of the end’

A static meteor which in the middle of the island started acting up and caused eventually caused a cosmic explosion which begun sucking everything from the game, the map, the island and even the players disappeared.

Epic Games Store made the players anticipate the beginning of chapter two for a long time by teasing an event called ‘The end’ which was expected by 13th October.

The players who were ready to go live today were met by a missing map and a swirling black hole that has lasted for hours.

however, with the Konami cheat code, players are able to play a mini game as they await the ‘game downtime’.

‘Get on with your lives’

The disappearance of Fortnite could be a ploy of getting people to get on with their lives and do constructive tasks.

“I think its a social experiment and the vast majority of the populous is vastly failing. I love playing Fortnite but I am also a mum and wife. look up people, talk to your family, go for a walk read a book, ” Carrie Genest Peloso, 42 year-old gamer, says.

“Don’t let this incredibly intelligent company troll you into bad behaviour,” she adds.

“I do not understand how people can sit for hours watching nothing on a screen, its a graphic icon on a black screen. i mean i can sit and watch the stars all night but a TV/ game screen, ridiculous behaviour.

“Do people not see how they have dissociated from life? or maybe they do and are cross because it is so in their face now,” says Rosie Hemsley.

‘The hopeful lot’

Fortnite explosion has disappointed and angered  a huge majority of the players but people still remain hopeful that this is still the live event launch that ushers in season 2.

Alisha Stevens says, a mother of three says, “It was 100% intentional and isn’t the end of Fortnite but the beginning of something new. It definitely isn’t over since they are still doing stuff with the black hole.

Players remain hopeful but the wait is too long.

Leonie Sullivan, a mother, says, “The explosion was definitely intentional, its all part of the story line. I cant wait to see what happens next, hopefully a brand new map. It does suck not knowing how long we have to wait.”

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Elaine Kimeiywo.
Elaine is a third year journalism student at Leeds Beckett University.

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