LGBT+ expression this Halloween.

Large inflatable legs outside of Viaduct ShowbarViaduct are promoting their Rocky Horror Weekend with these eye catching decorations.

How gay clubs, nightclubs and showbars helping within the LGBT+ community.

Leeds is well known for it’s vast amount of Gay clubs and bars and Halloween is a huge part of many nightclub events.

Drag Queen and bartender Valium works in Viaduct Showbar and is preparing for their numerous themed performances this weekend.

This weekend Viaduct have their Rocky Horror Show finale where “drag queen and queer entertainers will be on stage performing”, while their bartenders work through the night in full costume.

But aside from all the dancing and shows Valium believes that Halloween is a fantastic time for the LGBT+ community as it encourages individuality and expression.

“I just feel like it brings out a lot more queer kids that don’t really find anywhere to … fit in so they always try it on Halloween see how it goes and then they start off there”

A place where LGBT+ people can really express themselves and find a place they feel can, “fit in”, is really important and companies that own these showbars such as Viaduct really help to offer a place for this.

“There is so much going on and we’re with APN which is the company that owns Fibre and Viaduct and Tunnels … they put so much effort into their own company over certain periods especially Halloween.”

‘Still problems with discrimination’

Jess Whiting-Boult is the Chair of the University of Leeds LGBT+ Society and identifies as non-binary.

“Halloween can help me feel more safe in my expression, for I am also a drag queen. Usually I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting taxis or walking around alone in my drag get up, but on Tuesday I felt completely fine going out alone because I thought it would just get mistaken for Halloween get up.”

“As a whole, I think the LGBT+ community also helps with equality for all groups. Whilst there’s still problems with discrimination within the community the fight for LGBT+ rights is generally one that I believe is also going to help other groups.”

Its fantastic to see bars such as Viaduct creating safe places for the LGBT+ community to have fun and party not only on Halloween but all year round.

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Lucy Parker and Tom Mangham
Journalists for Leeds Now

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