Hefty fines lead to students calling for more cigarette disposal units

Cigarettes littered on floor.The council say that too many cigarettes are being dropped around Leeds city centre.

Leeds city students say £100 fines are unfair when there is a lack of disposal units to get rid of them.

In a new campaign to tackle cigarette litterers, 3GS wardens hired out by Leeds City Council have been targeting areas outside university buildings.

Many students complain the bins provided are not appropriate or that there are no bins at all outside these areas.

Outside building showing bin then close up of the bin showing that cigarette butts have been discarded incorrectly.
James Bousfield Students are forced to discard their cigarette ends incorrectly outside university buildings to avoid large fines.

Cigarette disposal units are often placed in areas where they are not needed and not in places where students actually smoke.

People stood outside having a smoke in a sheltered area
James Bousfield Popular sheltered areas, such as bike shelters, do not have sufficient disposal units.

When asked about the lack of bins 3GS said: “It is not feasible for councils to put bins on every street.

“If there isn’t a bin or ashtray nearby you should hold on to your litter until you come to a bin, or take it home with you.”

Lots of cigarettes on a bin
James Bousfield This bin does not have an ashtray on the top of it, meaning that cigarette ends fall on the floor, which could lead to whoever tried to throw away their butt being fined.

Tilly Campbell, 19, a student at Leeds Beckett University was fined £100 outside Leeds Beckett Portland building.

“I was fined £100 for dropping a cig butt on the floor,” she said.

“Obviously, at the time I felt a little bad for actually throwing it, similarly, I felt a little angry because there were no bins around to actually put the cig in anyway.

“I did ask the man where I should have put it and he told me just not on the floor, but I’m not exactly going to put it in my pocket and take it with me to my lecture.”

On the left shows a goo bin for cigarettes on the right a sign warning students about the fines they could receive.
James Bousfield Should there be more bins like these around the City Centre?

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