Uncertain future for famous Headingley building

Elinor Lupton buildingThe Headingley landmark has proposed plans to become a Wetherspoons Hotel.

Two historic Leeds buildings have been given new lease of life, but a third awaits an important decision.

The buildings are deemed to be “at risk” in Leeds City Council’s report, along with over 100 others.

White Cloth Hall and The Majestic building are currently under restoration. However, the Elinor Lupton Centre’s future remains undetermined.

White Cloth Hall, an 18th-century textile trading house is one building that fell into decades of dereliction.

Buttress, a Manchester-based architect firm, has taken over the renovations.

The Majestic building has served many different functions such as a cinema and a nightclub.

Channel 4 recently made the decision to move their headquarters to Leeds and will inhabit the newly refurbished Majestic building in early 2020.

The refurbishment is headed by Sir Robert McAlpine, an engineering and design company located in Hertfordshire.

The majestic building
Molly Hartley The Majestic was ravished by a fire in 2014.

The Elinor Lupton Centre, located on Headingley Lane, is tipped to become Leeds’ first Wetherspoons hotel.

Elinor Lupton Centre
Molly Hartley The Elinor Lupton Centre once served as an all-girls school.

The plan for a pub was rejected in 2017 by Leeds Council, however, Wetherspoons resubmitted an application to change the disused centre into a 50-bedroom hotel.

Wetherspoons Press Officer, Eddie Gershon, said that even if the hotel plans are approved they “will still need a license which was refused before”.

There are many concerns featured in the latest report, most notably that “the development [of the pub] will harm the character of the community”.

Leeds City Council has asked for 11 conditions if the Wetherspoons application is granted. The stipulations include that the pub is “food-led” and “no fancy dress or large groups” are allowed.

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  1. Anne Fitzherbert | 7 November 2019 at 17:38 | Reply

    Very interesting article. Let’s hope that Weatherspoons don’t get their grubby hands on yet another fabulous building .

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