Leeds rent prices robbing up to 30% of people’s salaries

A sign on a shop saying 'to Let'There are over 5,000 properties available to rent in Leeds.

Research from Zoopla shows that Leeds rent is 4.5% above the national average.

Leeds, Bristol and Nottingham are the only cities in the UK to have rent rising faster than the average wage growth, which was 3.8% as of last year.

Rent in Leeds averages at £707 a month. When compared to the average monthly salary of someone in Leeds, which is £2,300, people could be spending up to 30% of their salary on rent, leaving them with only £1600.

Acorn, a community based union for tenants and workers, has spoken out against the rise in rent. Representative Jonathan Butcher said: “Successive governments have been pushing the private rental sector and wanting better a better climate for landlords, leaving very little protection or security for renters.

“Traditionally we would see people leaving home for university and then getting a house of their own, but now we have a generation of people that have no choice but to rent due to to a lack of council houses and the fact mortgage rates are out of reach for so many people.”

Leeds has become one of the most unaffordable cities in the UK due to rising rent costs.

Real estate agencies have spoken out as to why they believe it’s so expensive in Leeds.

Paul Miller, an agent at a Hunter Estate Agent’s based in Leeds, said: “Compared to other cities £707 a month is not too bad.

“People down in London are paying double for half the size they will get here. I wouldn’t say it was unaffordable, especially as we see people moving in with other people so it’s not that expensive overall.”

Residents that have moved to Leeds have also noticed the price increase.

Samuel Holt has lived in Leeds for five years and say’s he has seen a noticeable difference in housing prices in the city. “Each year my rent goes up. I have to change my lifestyle here as I can’t predict how the market will change each year.

“I just wish it was more stable, I don’t see why it needs to be this expensive.”

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