Leeds can now recycle more plastics – but will it make a difference?

Bin lorry driving up hill.Leeds City Council are now recycling more plastics.

Residents in Leeds can now recycle more plastics into their green bins, but will it solve the recycling issues that currently exist?

Leeds City Council has announced that from today, the following plastic packaging can be recycled if you are living in Leeds:

  • yoghurt pots
  • butter/margarine tubs
  • sweet/chocolate and ice cream tubs
  • fruit, meat and veg trays
  • cartons (Tetra Pak)

Residents living in Hyde Park believe the issue is more than just what can and cannot be recycled. People are not putting their rubbish in the correct bins, meaning that many bins are left on bin day.

We found several green bins that had been left behind because they had non-recyclable material in, waste that would have been taken had they been put in the correct black bins.

Hyde Park has seen a build-up of bins left behind allowing rats to congregate in these problem areas.

Rat Poo amongst the bins in Hyde Park

Did you know that 8/10 green bins in Hyde Park are contaminated? Source: Univerity of Leeds Sustainability

Raj, the owner of New Pin Locksmiths on Brudenell Road said: “It is poor. We’ve got bins lying for nearly three months.

“They don’t want to collect behind the shops and the rats are getting more and more.”

According to Leeds City Council, your bin won’t be emptied if:

  • it contains something that shouldn’t be inside it
  • it isn’t at the kerbside before 7 am on your collection day 
  • it’s too heavy to be lifted safely by the wagon

An application for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for North West Leeds is currently awaiting a decision after a public consultation last week.

If approved, PSPO will introduce rules on household waste, penalising those who dump their waste on the street and are not disposing or recycling correctly.

Breach of these rules if introduced may impose a maximum fine of £100.

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