Leeds Council proposes ‘ban on fun’

A selection of beersLeeds City council propose a PSPO on public drinking in areas of Leeds

“The ban is to tackle anti-social behaviour, but they haven’t defined what anti-social behaviour is.”

Leeds City Council have proposed a ban against public drinking and street parties in areas covering Hyde Park, Headingley, Weetwood, Little London and part of Burley.

The ban comes after a 12-hour student street party in May last year leaving locals “too scared” to leave their houses.

Charlie Hind, union affairs officer at Leeds Beckett student union explains how it affects groups from minorities more than other groups and describes it as a “ban on fun”.

“It is criminalising social activity which is really quite concerning and it’s worded in a way that makes it seem very reasonable and unarguable”.

“Two page letter to the council”

Jess Carrier, the Union’s Welfare and Community officer at Leeds Beckett University said: “As a union we have responded with a two page letter to the anti-social behaviour team and nine of the councillors who cover the areas where the orders have been put into place.

“We’re concerned students are going to be targeted for drinking in the park with their friends which is ridiculous because having a good time and socialising is not anti-social behaviour.”

The council said the ban will target street parties, street alcohol consumption, the use of psychoactive substances, anti-social behaviour and residents who leave household waste out in the street.

Although the ban has sparked a negative impact, for some it is beneficial.

A bartender at The Library pub said: “For us its good, means more business, think I’d have a different opinion if I was still a student, it all seems a bit overkill to be honest.”

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