Leeds Now live updates: 14th November

Leeds Now student journalists working for the newsdayIt's the third newsday the Leeds Beckett have done and they are starting to make big improvements

Live updates from the Leeds Beckett newsroom.

16:10 – And that is all for today!

We hope you have been updated of all the main events that have happened in Leeds today.

From all our journalists in Leeds Now: have a wonderful day!

16:04 – Disability advocate says “there’s a lack of awareness” in Leeds

Chloe Tear, who’s also a blogger, claims Leeds should adapt to the needs of disable people.

“When I walk into a shop it’s very rare that people will ask me if I need assistance.”

15:57 – ‘A ban on fan’ to be implemented in Leeds

The anti-social behaviour comes after a street party last May left locals “too scared” to leave their homes.

15:55 – The ‘Baby Week’ NGO has planted 187 trees for 187 babies

The White Rose shopping centre and other five organisations just finished planting 187 trees to raise awareness “of the baby’s important growth and development mentally and physically in order to give the best start”.

They’ve planted one tree for every baby born during the ‘BabyWeekLeeds’.

15:40 – Want to volunteer? Visit Leeds Trinity University

A volunteering fair is being held on today at Leeds Trinity University today. 

They’ll be promoting several volunteering opportunities for the rest of the day.

Don’t miss it!

15:22 – ‘Pedestrianised streets’ in Headrow after roadworks

Leeds Connect has said the new road developments will “improve bus reliability” and will create “wider footways”.

15:05 – One of the first ever moving pictures was taken in Leeds 70-years-ago

Today is the 70th anniversary of a photograph which was taken at the Bridge End in Leeds.

It’s currently being displayed at the Leeds Central Library.

14:47 – Olympic medalist Jonathan Brownlee will turn on Christmas lights tonight

The Leeds Mayor Eileen Taylor will be joined by Jonathan Brownlee tonight to turn the lights on at 6 pm.

The show will be at Chapel Allerton and there will be a wide range of activities as well as drinks and food stalls.

14:25 – West Yorkshire Police show their support for this year’s controversial John Lewis Christmas ad

The John Lewis Christmas advert has been incredibly controversial this year, some people such as the West Yorkshire Police have loved it.

But some people have hated it.

Let us know what you think!

14:10 – ‘Digital careers’ will be created by Leeds business

Ahead Partnership will launch today an initiative which will “create a vibrant and diverse digital talent pipeline”.

They’ll be meeting today to present their innovative education scheme which will be open for employers of all sizes to come and learn more!

13:53 – Dozens of new products will now be able to be recycled in Leeds

The new changes in ‘Leeds Recycles’ will be implemented from today. 

This means products such as yoghurt pots, ice cream tubs and milk cartons will be recycled from now on. 

Philip Daniels and James Bousfield, Leeds Now reporters, are today investigating the possible recycling problem in Leeds.

13:37 – Impairment advocate wants to make Leeds City Centre disability-friendly

Chloe Tear, disability advocate and blogger, has talked to our reporter Eliza Lita about her experience in Leeds as a person with restricted mobility. 

13:20 – Two Leeds businesses have been broken into through the roof

Leeds Now reporters, Kieran Owen and Tom Mangham, have been talking to the staff from two shops in Leeds which were broken-in through their rooftops. 

13:05 – Trains still delayed more than six hours after derailing 

LNER are having to deal with hundreds of complaints from passengers whose journeys have been delayed or cancelled. 

The derailment occurred at 6:30 am and involved the crash of two trains in Neville Hill, Leeds.

12:50 – Man sentenced for blackmailing a convicted paedophile

Our reporters, Sam Teesdale, Rachel Jonstone and Emily Carson, have been to Leeds Crown Court this morning. 

They attended a case which involved the blackmailing of a convicted paedophile. 

12:37 – Bestseller book about depression has been adapted for theatre

Matt Haigs’ mental health story has caught the attention of Leeds Playhouse who have decided to create a theatrical adaptation.

The play will be staged today and on Saturday, make sure not to miss it!

12:15 – New Leonora Cohen women’s suffrage exposition in Leeds

The exhibition was donated by Cohen, who was a Leeds based Suffragette who spent time in prison during the campaign for women’s suffrage.

Apart from the exhibition, attendees will be able to discuss the campaigns that took place, as well as talk about about some of the issues involved, and the challenges that continue.

You can sign up to the event at the Leeds Museum and Galleries website.

12:00 – Leeds Beckett Student union responds to proposed Hyde Park public drinking ban

The Leeds Beckett student union have responded to a Hyde Park PSPO drinking ban with a two-page letter to the anti-social behaviour team and nine of the councillors who cover the local areas.

Our reporters, Harry McCann and Emily Carson, will be covering this event today.

11:45 – West Yorkshire Police are offering a new entry programme

The course is available for anyone with a degree of any level who wants to apply to be a Police Officer.

They’ve said recruitment will be opening soon, keep an eye on their website to keep up-to-date! West Yorkshire Police

11:30 – New CCTV footage released of Leeds ‘violent cashpoint robbery’

West Yorkshire Police have posted two images of a suspect who police want to speak to after a robbery which took place two days ago at West Point, in Wellington Street.

The suspect “attacked and knocked unconscious” a 24-year-old man and then searched him and stole his wallet, West Yorkshire Police said.

West Yorkshire Police

11:15 – Is graffiti in Hyde Park getting out of control?

Graffiti in Hyde Park can often be seen on walls and trash cans.

Jacob Lyon and Lucy Parker, our reporters for Leeds Now, are investigating if there is anything that can be done to solve this problem.

11:00 – Leeds Recycle will make changes on the recycling procedures

They announced that from now on you will be able to recycle pots, tubs, trays and cartons in your green bin!

Our Leeds Now reporters, Philip Daniels and James Bousfield, will keep you up-to-date throughout the day.

10:45 – New study has found bowel cancer rates after colonoscopy vary by provider

The University of Leeds released a study this morning which shows “the rates of these potentially missed cancers were lower for colonoscopies performed by the NHS.”

You can read the full study at the University of Leeds website.

10:30 – Train cancellations in Leeds

Due to a collision between two trains in Leeds, dozens of journeys have been cancelled.

Our reporters, Ben Barry and Kane Daly have gone down to the station, to find out more.

10:15 – LNER high speed train collided this morning in Leeds

The incident occurred at 6:30 am in Neville Hill and resulted in a derailment.

Here you can see a shocking picture of the accident, which has caused delays all over the UK.

9:58 – Good morning Leeds

My name is Álvaro Casás  and I’ll be your Leeds Now reporter for today.

I’ll bring you updates from all our Leeds Beckett reporters.

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