Rooftop burglars invading businesses in Leeds

Shop front of The Works

Three shops are among those to have been targeted in the last 12 months.

Businesses in Leeds are currently experiencing a spate of burglaries in which criminals have been entering through the rooftops of the buildings.

Shops and bars like The Works & Greggs on Kirkgate and Manahatta on Merrion Street have all been targeted in the last year.

This week, The Works bookshop was robbed with criminals entering the premises through the roof next to the elevator shaft.

“The safe had been drilled out of the floor and dragged into the stock room…

They had gotten in through the roof, just above the elevator shaft.”

-Danny Emerson, Supervisor at The Works, Kirkgate

The robbery of The Works on Kirkgate earlier this week comes after the Christmas Eve burglary of Greggs on the same street, in which a criminal had to be talked down off the roof by police after hiding behind a chimney.

The Works and Greggs aren’t the only places to be broken into in this way, with Manahatta on Merrion Street also being broken into in a similar fashion.

James Howe, who works at Manahatta, said: “The bloke came in through the ceiling and one of the staff at Roxy (Ball Room) messaged one of our staff saying the alarm was going off.

The ceiling in the upstairs glass wash was pretty damaged where he had entered.

They did try to get into the safe, but in the end, left with only £30 in cash and a packet of cigarettes.”

West Yorkshire Police have declined to comment.

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